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Gay & Lesbian Nightlife in the Netherlands

A collection of memorabilia, merchandise, flyers and advertisements from gay & lesbian nightlife venues in the Netherlands throughout history on the platform for social history: Historypin.

IHLIA’s T-shirt collection on platform Wearing Gay History

A collection of T-shirts of IHLIA on the platform Wearing Gay History

State-Sponsored Homophobia reports

Every year, ILGA publishes its State-Sponsored Homophobia report, a world survey of sexual orientation laws.

Nashville-verklaring op online magazine NieuwWij (Dutch)

Hoe gaan christenen om met een religieus waardeoordeel over gender en sekse?

Open Up!

The history of LGBTI emancipation and development, mainly in central, east and southeast Europe.

Historical magazines

With titles such as Der Eigene en Levensrecht