Call for participants LGBTQ+ people with migration background

Ruben Mosmann master’s thesis in clinical psychology concerns LGBTQ+ people with migration background and their mental health.

Currently, he is recruiting possible participants for the study.

About the study and the survey

This study is designed to learn more about LGBTQ+ people with migration background within the context of psychological well-being and life satisfaction. I am curious about your experiences as a LGBTQ+ identifying person with migration background, your feelings and emotions, and your individual perception of (cultural) identity and communities. The questionnaire includes several questions about this. It will take approximately 20 minutes to complete the questionnaire.

Your privacy is of great importance. Therefore, the data will be processed anonymously and the personal data that you fill out during the questionnaire will be kept separately. The results are also not traceable to one person and will only be analyzed at the group level. The researcher may incidentally see high scores on the questionnaires. Consequently, however, no action will be taken towards you. In case the themes do evoke unpleasant feelings or distress during the study, I would advise you to contact your GP or a mental health specialist. I would like to ask you to fill out the consent form on the next page so that I can use your data for this study.