Questionnaire for research on perceptions and perspectives surrounding HIV cure and HIV cure research

Maaike Noorman and Tamika Marcos, PhD students at Utrecht University and Maastricht University, are conducting a large-scale study on involvement of people living with HIV and other important key groups in HIV cure research from 2020.

There is currently a questionnaire online that the researchers administered to people living with HIV, their partners, and men who have sex with men.

Completing the survey will take about 25 minutes. The survey can be completed in both Dutch and English. Besides contributing to our research, participants also learn about HIV cure research. For instance, it contains short videos explaining possible HIV cure strategies such as block and lock and shock and kill. Participants will also have a chance to win one of 45 EUR 20 vouchers.

Participants will be asked some background questions about their sex and gender, age, sexual orientation, level of education, their country of birth and that of their birth parents. The researchers will also ask about HIV-related perceptions by asking about transmission risks, the severity of HIV, and the prevalence of HIV. Participants with HIV are also asked about HIV-related indicators, such as time since diagnosis, treatment status, most recent CD4 cell count, and viral load.

The new knowledge from this research will be used to improve communication about HIV cure (research) and to increase the involvement of people with HIV and other important key groups.