Vacancy | PhD Candidate: Sexuality and Masculinity in Populist Radical Right Leadership – Radboud University (deadline: 22 June)

In what ways do the performance of, referral to, and position on masculinity and homosexuality help explain the differences in the success of the populist radical right leaders and parties (i.e. LPF, PVV and FvD) in Dutch society and its constituent parts?

That is the central research question you will be asked to answer as our PhD candidate.

Your main tasks will be to answer the research questions by connecting theories and concepts from the literatures on voting, leadership, media, masculinity, and homonationalism. Also, you will conduct innovative empirical research on a diverse set of actors, such as party leaders, media, party aficionados and voters. You will apply a multi-method perspective to a range of sources, potentially including party manifestos, books published by party leaders, parliamentary material, traditional news media and social media coverage, and voter data.

To be able to do this, you will have to be proactive in finding and analysing empirical sources. Moreover, you will write scientific articles, participate in conferences, seminars and other scholarly activities, contribute to teaching, and complete a PhD dissertation within four years.

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