NOG: Colloquium Basic Introduction to Gender History (individual trajectory) | Prof. dr. Geertje Mak

Netherlands Research School Gender Studies (NOG) organises a course which is meant for students familiar with gender studies but not (so much) with gender history, or to those familiar with history but not (so much) with gender history.

For both ‘situations’ Geertje Mak will also advice to read one article specifically.

The Gender History Basic Colloquium (individual) is part of the NOG course program and can be followed by ReMa students and PhD students, independent of the Research School they have subscribed to. The course is open to anyone interested, and offers a good basis to enter the Gender History Reading Seminars. The course can be started and finished in consultation with Geertje Mak, with whom you will have an introductory meeting and a final meeting to discuss your assignment. Due to the outbreak of the coronavirus these meetings will be online.

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