Research projects concerning intersex people

INIA – Intersex: new interdisciplinary approaches – is a new international research network which will train a cohort of 10 early stage researchers working collaboratively to develop knowledge that will inform policy making and practice across a range of key sectors.

Intersex people’s healthcare, social and human rights issues are often overlooked. They continue to face exposure to multiple forms of human rights violations and discrimination, requiring cross-sectoral policy responses in fields including healthcare, education, and the law.

This are the research projects. For more information click here.

  • Older intersex people (UK)
  • Equality, diversity and intersex policy making – A comparison of the Republic of Ireland and England (UK)
  • Unpacking the conditions of emergence of intersex activism in Europe (Belgium)
  • Framing legislative and policy reform to improve the lived experience of intersex in Ireland and Malta (Ireland)
  • The inculcation of awareness of intersex in education in Ireland and Sweden (Ireland)
  • Impact of parental psychosocial indicators on decision-making and outcome regarding intersex in Europe (Switzerland)
  • Role, dissemination and impact of clinical ethics in multidisciplinary teams on intersex in Europe (Switzerland)
  • Intersex subjectivities and the lived experiences of intersex people (Spain)
  • Research ethics in intersex studies – Exploring ethical principles for a human rights-based research practice (Spain)
  • The right to bodily integrity, autonomy and self-determination -Demands and strategies of international and regional intersex activist networks and human rights bodies (Spain



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